outubro 13, 2008

“Evidence looks into the eyes of children watching television – in this case Walt Disney’s “Dumbo”. Though engaged in a daily routine, THEY APPEAR DRUGGED, RETARDED, LIKE THE PATIENTS OF A MENTAL HOSPITAL. Evidence is about the behavior of children watching television – an activity whose physiological aspects have been overlooked in the current controversy surrounding television.”

“Unlike people in a movie theatre, where images are projected onto a screen, television viewers become PREY to the television’s own light impulses, they go into an altered state – a transfixed condition where the eyes, the mind, the breathing of the subject is CLEARLY UNDER THE CONTROL OF AN OUTSIDE FORCE. In a poetic sense and without exaggerating one might say that the television technology is eating the subjects who sit before its gaze.”



production and consumption

setembro 12, 2008


agosto 25, 2008

Parte do documentário Surplus. Ele tá todo no youtube….